I am a voiceover artist with over a decade of experience in English and French, spanning advertising, dubbing, corporate, documentaries, video games, explainer videos, and e-learning.


I have believed in the unique power of voice since being gripped, as a child growing up in France, by the English announcers on the BBC. My best friend and I would hide ourselves away and listen on a portable radio, captivated. Even when we only half-understood what the voices were saying, somehow we trusted them. 


So it was with a sense of responsibility that I headed to my first voiceover job, called in at the last minute to help out with the recording of an audio biography in English of the recently-deceased Pope Jean-Paul II. My vocal chords were tightening with nerves on the way there, but in the studio, it felt right. It was the start of my voiceover career. 


I signed with the major London agencies and over the decade and a half since I have worked with brands such as Amazon, Apple, BBC, Disney, Eurostar, FIFA, Givenchy, Google, H&M, La Redoute, LinkedIn, Lipton, Mango, Microsoft, PokerStars & Starbucks. 


Over the years, I have seen again and again that in order to engage, persuade, and inspire, it’s not only a question of technique, and of the versatility of your voice. It’s about authenticity. I am immensely proud to be a trusted voice for my clients. 


                                     - Angélique