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Voiceover Artist London

An experienced & trusted French voiceover artist for your projects.

A fresh, friendly & feminine voice with upbeat and engaging qualities.

Voiceover Artist London

I am a London-based highly experienced French voiceover artist with a home studio who records for advertising, corporate & explainer videos, promos, e-learning, documentaries, video games, animations, telephony/IVR , dubbing.

I grew up in Brittany, France and moved to London in 2001.

I record in both French and English, pretty much 50/50. I have lived in England for a long time and my command of English is very strong. I have a neutral French accent in French, and my natural speaking voice in English has a mild French accent. However, if you do need it more strongly accentuated, of course I can do that. I sometimes get hired for what’s called a Euro-neutral accent as well. 

I am immensely proud to be a trusted voice for my clients. 

Voiceover Artist London

Sample Voiceover Work

Voiceover Videos

Icelandair Pub - France - 2023
Paris Police 1900 Trailer - BBC Trailers BIGGER FILE
Sothebys - Paris vs London   A Tale of Two Art Capitals
Alpamare Waterpark TV advert - Full
AMAZON What are your best SKILLS?
The Birdlife Foundation- new platform Hatch
Nomad Education choisi par LinkedIn pour sa campagne de pub nationale.
New Renault Clio  Unforgettable
Microsoft - Paint 3D
"Angelique was perfect for the role as we were looking for someone who could convey a certain amount of fun but also sophistication. She was a dream to work with. I had never had a voiceover done before, and she held my hand the entire way."
Dr Sarah Tonks  |  The Lovely Clinic

My studio sound quality has been approved by the technical department of all my clients and agents.

Purpose-built professional home-recording booth

Microphone Neumann U87

Computer: MacOS Catalina

Interface: Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface

Source Connect Standard, Source Connect Now, Skype

Digital audio workstation: Adobe Audition

Turnaround: project specific but as fast as possible 24/48h

I can also be in Central London at short notice to record at the studio of your choice.

Voiceover Artist London

Happy Clients

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Voiceover Artist London

An experienced & trusted French voiceover artist for your projects.

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