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Voix off française

An experienced & trusted French voiceover artist for your projects.

A fresh, friendly & feminine voice with upbeat and engaging qualities.

Female Voice-Over Artist France

I am a London-based highly experienced French voiceover artist with a home studio who records for advertising, corporate & explainer videos, promos, e-learning, documentaries, video games, animations, telephony/IVR , dubbing.

I grew up in Brittany, France and moved to London in 2001.

I record in both French and English, pretty much 50/50. I have lived in England for a long time and my command of English is very strong. I have a neutral French accent in French, and my natural speaking voice in English has a mild French accent. However, if you do need it more strongly accentuated, of course I can do that. I sometimes get hired for what’s called a Euro-neutral accent as well. 

I am immensely proud to be a trusted voice for my clients. 

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Sample Voiceover Work

Voiceover Videos

Icelandair Pub - France - 2023
Paris Police 1900 Trailer - BBC Trailers BIGGER FILE
Sothebys - Paris vs London   A Tale of Two Art Capitals
Alpamare Waterpark TV advert - Full
AMAZON What are your best SKILLS?
The Birdlife Foundation- new platform Hatch
Nomad Education choisi par LinkedIn pour sa campagne de pub nationale.
New Renault Clio  Unforgettable
Microsoft - Paint 3D

Choosing a French Voiceover Artist

Female voiceover casting is a meticulous process aimed at finding the perfect voice to bring a script to life. Casting directors seek voices that not only match the tone and style of the project but also resonate with the target audience. With the rise of remote work and home studios, casting for female voiceover artists has become more accessible, allowing talent from around the globe to audition for diverse projects.

"Angelique was perfect for the role as we were looking for someone who could convey a certain amount of fun but also sophistication. She was a dream to work with. I had never had a voiceover done before, and she held my hand the entire way."
Dr Sarah Tonks  |  The Lovely Clinic

My studio sound quality has been approved by the technical department of all my clients and agents.

Kube bespoke vocal booth 

Microphone Neumann U87

Computer: Mac Mini OS Big Sur

Interface: Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface

Source Connect Standard, Source Connect Now, Skype

Digital audio workstation: Adobe Audition

Turnaround: project specific but as fast as possible 24/48h

I can also be in Central London at short notice to record at the studio of your choice.

Voiceover Artist London

The Artistry of French Female Voiceover Artists

In the realm of audio production, the role & contribution of voiceover artists can often be underestimated. Yet, these talented individuals wield the power to breathe life into scripts, infusing them with emotion, clarity, and character. Among these skilled professionals, French female voiceover artists stand out with melodious tones and linguistic finesse, captivating audiences worldwide.

Crafting Emotion Through the Right Voiceover Artist Casting

French female voiceover artists are masters of their craft, adept at conveying a spectrum of emotions through intonation, pacing, and expression, whether narrating a heartfelt commercial, bringing a character to life in a feature film, or lending their voice to an educational video, they possess the ability to convince, bring attention to, reassure.

Linguistic Proficiency of French Voiceover Artists

Beyond vocal talent, proficiency in French language is paramount. A skilled female French voiceover artist effortlessly navigates the nuances of pronunciation, cadence, and dialect, ensuring authenticity and resonance with French-speaking audiences. Whether it's the lyrical flow of Parisian French or the rustic charm of Quebecois, she adapts her delivery with finesse, transporting listeners to the heart of French culture and language.

Cultural Richness of French Voiceover Artists

In the world of voiceover, the French language possesses a captivating allure. French voiceover artists bring a rich cultural depth and sophistication to their performances, making them highly sought-after for projects requiring an elegant touch or a European flair. From commercials to documentaries, French Voiceover artists bring a touch of sophistication to any production.

Happy Clients

Voiceover Artist London

An experienced & trusted French voiceover artist for your projects.

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