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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

The Diverse Industries Vo Artists Record For

The Diverse Industries Vo Artists Record For

There are no limits to the type of industries voiceover artists can work in and that is one of the most exciting elements of being a voiceover artist.

When I receive a new email either from a direct client or one of my agents, my first thought is "Oooh! I wonder what this job is for." It's exciting. Especially when you get to find out about a new industry. I research every company I get booked to record for and just make sure I know that I understand the product or the service that I am talking about - and as importantly, to whom! You need to know who the target audience is for each recording as it totally informs your approach to the recordings.

The list of industries I get to record for is endless and getting longer. For example I've lent my voice to companies who sell perfume, cars, running shoes, mattresses, injectables, osteoporosis treatments, home security cameras, accountancy software, electronic cigarettes, clothes, washing machines, online dating apps, sportswear, champagne, online photo albums, jewelry, chocolate, tea, computers, children toys, flights, watches, and many more.

There are no limits to the type of industries voiceover artists can work in.

Adapting To The Target Audience

Are they being sold to, warned, informed, inspired, motivated, or maybe all of these? I actually imagine the target audience in front of my eyes. Is it a few people in a meeting room, someone on their own at home listening on headphones, hundreds of people at a massive conference. It affects your tone, volume, speed, energy & well... credibility in the read! Whatever I am recording, authenticity is always key. If for example I'm recording for a medical product, it's crucial to sound very clear & informative but I'll adapt my voice whether it's for a training video (more of a direct tone) or if it is to the patient directly (more of a reassuring tone).

The target audience informs your approach.

Adapting To The Category

Beyond the type of industry you record for, there are many categories of recordings in the voiceover industry. I work for the following mostly: internal company videos, commercials, promos, e-learning, telephony & dubbing. Internal company videos really vary. I recorded Eurostar strategy videos for example. That required me to sound very motivating on top of informative. Commercials are always shorter scripts that require great energy. E-learning courses are long recordings and you have to sound consistent and not drop energy levels throughout as the learner needs to stay engaged.

It's important to make sure your client is happy & give them choices.

Adapting To The Client

Whilst I can get on with any recordings on my own and self-direct, having the client in the session and directing me is always extremely helpful. If the client is not fully comfortable directing, I always help them to help me by asking the right questions. In the end, the most important thing is to make sure your client is happy & to give them choices. I am immensely proud to be a trusted voice for my clients who include Facebook, Microsoft, Renault, Boohoo, La Redoute, Amazon, Alexa, Fedex, Accor Hotels, Starbucks, Kayak, Perrier Jouet, Nike, Sotheby's.

Voiceover artists are incredibly versatile & insightful, and will add value to your projects whatever the industry.

As a London voiceover artist, you can easily travel to any studios in London where a lot of projects get recorded, or equally easily, you can record from your home studio.

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Angélique Talio is a highly experienced French-born voiceover artist In London, who works in both French & English. She was the voice for the New Renault Clio in the UK & Boohoo in France for years. I am based in London but work with clients in France, USA, Canada and throughout the world. Find out more >



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